Non slip yoga mat Peace

The Emotions collection of yoga mats evokes the strongest emotions and states that help to attract the right events in life.

The yoga mat Peace mimics the malachite stone, harmonising the heart chakra anahata. This chakra is the centre of love and life force, the centre of balance, balancing the energies of the three lower and three upper chakras.

Anahata is responsible for love, friendship, trust and true faith, acceptance of self and others and the ability to build harmonious relationships.

A rubberised yoga mat with distinctive gold shimmers.

Supplied with: yoga mat, yoga strap in gold colour.

We recommend that you practice on this mat only barefoot. Trainers may scratch the rubberised surface, leaving marks on it.

You can also add accessories to your yoga mat with discount.

Material: PU + rubber

lwh: 700x1830x4 mm

Weight: 2500 g

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