Yoga mat Creation mandala

A diamond in the NiiDRA collection!

The deep blue colour of the yoga mat symbolises the boundless reserves of man - his oceanic depth and cosmic height. In this boundless space is a mass of possibilities. Seeing these possibilities, the ability to embody them makes each of us unique.

Diamonds are born under pressure, in the painstaking work of nature and a miraculous coincidence of circumstances. There is a divine spark in each of us, if you apply enough pressure, diligence and a little bit of wonder - brilliant ideas, winged dreams and people who change the world are born.

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With its classic thickness of 3 mm, the mat allows you practice comfortably on any surface - parquet, laminate, and even tile. The size of the mat is 61*183 cm. The mat has a weight of 2.4 kg.

The travel-version 1mm mat is extremely lightweight and compact: when folded, it's smaller than a bath towel. It is particularly comfortable for exercising on soft surfaces such as carpet, sand, grass or the ground. In yoga studios it can be placed on top of another mat, the grip will be excellent. The size of the mat is 61*183 cm. weight -1,2 kg.

Includes: yoga mat, carrying strap

Material: eco cotton + rubber

lwh: 1830x610x1 mm

Weight: 1200 g

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