Yoga mat Pacification mandala

Despite its apparent simplicity, the yoga mat with the Pacification Mandala is highly symbolic, with every element having a meaning.

In the centre circle is the Sun as a symbol of abundance, well-being and fullness. At peace is when everything is in abundance.

From it emanates 8 rays - orange rays in the blue sky, a symbol of infinite space, a warm cocoon that envelops and protects each of us. The rays flow into the next circle of 16 petals - a geometric progression, a doubling of energy potential.

At the top of the mandala are 17 blue petals above and below, into which the OM symbol, stylised as a leaf pattern, is inscribed. A unifying, concluding circle which makes the mandala coherent and slender.

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With its classic thickness of 3 mm, the mat allows you practice comfortably on any surface - parquet, laminate, and even tile. The size of the mat is 61*183 cm. The mat has a weight of 2.4 kg.

The travel-version 1mm mat is extremely lightweight and compact: when folded, it's smaller than a bath towel. It is particularly comfortable for exercising on soft surfaces such as carpet, sand, grass or the ground. In yoga studios it can be placed on top of another mat, the grip will be excellent. The size of the mat is 61*183 cm. weight -1,2 kg.

Includes: yoga mat, carrying strap

Material: eco cotton + rubber

lwh: 610x1830x3 mm

Weight: 2400 g

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