Non slip yoga mat Love


This design came from the inspiration of the amethyst stone, which harmonizes the sahasrara chakra. If this chakra works harmoniously, then a person is given an understanding of Love in the broadest sense of the word - from friendship and romantic relationships to falling in love with life, total self-acceptance and a feeling of unconditional love for all beings.

A rubberised yoga mat with distinctive gold shimmers. Extended dimensions: width 68 cm, length 184 cm, thickness 4 mm. Weight 2.5 kg.

Supplied with: yoga mat, yoga strap in gold colour.

We recommend that you practice on this mat only barefoot. Trainers may scratch the rubberised surface, leaving marks on it.

You can also add accessories to your yoga mat with discount.

Вес: более 1,5кг

Тип: pro - 4мм

All products: Yoga mats

lwh: 700x1830x4 mm

Weight: 2500 g

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