Yoga mat Helio

Gorgeous and stylish on the outside, once you spread Helio out in practice, this yoga mat is understated and modest. It doesn't draw unwanted attention, but it also keeps you from looking around, gathering all your concentration within the boundaries of the mat.

The top layer of microfiber has a better grip with the palms, thanks to the anti-slip cover of microfiber, even very dry palms do not slip on this rug.

You can also add accessories to your yoga mat with discount.

With its classic thickness of 3 mm, the mat allows you practice comfortably on any surface - parquet, laminate, and even tile. The size of the mat is 61*183 cm. The mat has a weight of 2.4 kg.

The travel-version 1mm mat is extremely lightweight and compact: when folded, it's smaller than a bath towel. It is particularly comfortable for exercising on soft surfaces such as carpet, sand, grass or the ground. In yoga studios it can be placed on top of another mat, the grip will be excellent. The size of the mat is 61*183 cm. weight -1,2 kg.

Includes: yoga mat, carrying strap

Material: eco cotton + rubber

lwh: 1830x610x3 mm

Weight: 2300 g

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