Silk eye mask with lavender, rose wine

Mask rose wine
The yoga, sleep and travel eye mask exudes a pleasantly calming lavender scent. Not too intense, it will not wear off over time thanks to the fact that the pillow is not artificially scented, but contains natural lavender in the filling.

The eye pillow weighs around 70 grams, it's weighty enough for you to relax and rest well during the final yoga pose - shavasana.

Proven: With this lavender pillow, you will sleep soundly during the entire flight and wake up refreshed and rested, even after a long flight.

The eye mask can also be worn by children over 3 years of age for a restful sleep.

Объем: 900 ml

All products: Copper boottles

lwh: 65x65x270 mm

Weight: 100 g

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